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Lord Ringorius
18 December
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Hello. Lord Ringorius here. I write for fandom. New LJ, so no telling what I'll do yet :) I write mostly for Inuyasha, but I'm willing to dabble in other things I like. I follow several animes every season, read manga, watch dramas... etc >>;; Probably should be focusing on school though. Taking AP Physics. Not liking it ;___; I can speak Mandarin pretty fluently, and I'm taking French in school as well. I recently got a tablet from my amazing friends for a birthday gift, and itching to bust it out and doodle some. I LOVE CATS. T____T I currently have one, a young cat, 1 yr old or so named Leo :D (short for Leon Valencia and... still thinking of names xD) and also used to have one of the most amazing, good-tempered, sweetest cats named Mimi, who passed on recently. Been a Harry Potter junkie since elementary school days, and its probably my favorite series still :D When I read, I read either for school.. or fantasy. And I should be working. Like always haha. Back to work ^^